A CRM system built for YOUR small business to allow you to GROW!

SMPL for Small Business (FSB) is our small business configuration designed to facilitate the Lead > Sales > Client relationship and provide a platform for your business to communicate with clients and customers, and market to potential leads, as well as manage your digital presence.

While FSB is a configuration, it is more of the starting point. We customize screens, reports and processes to fit your precise business needs. Ranging from membership management, direct online sales, and traditional sales, the SMPL FSB is your best small business CRM solution.

Core System Features

These are core features which are included in every SMPL system
  • Customer Relationship Manager

    Keep track of customer information in one easily accessible place and communicate with them directly from the system.

  • Customizable Database

    Your database is all yours, no sharing with other clients, create and edit as many fields as you want, customize to your business.

  • Integrated Email

    Connect your existing email account to your SMPL system. View and send emails, and easily copy communications into your CRM.

  • Responsive Dashboard

    All of your relevant records and information are pushed to your dashboard, where you can plan your day and schedule meetings.

  • Custom Form Builder

    Create custom forms using your custom data fields to collect all the relevant information directly, right from the start.

  • eMarketing Suite

    Compose and deploy bulk emails to all of your customers or to a sub-set of your database with just a few simple clicks.

  • Automated eMails

    Set up emails to go out daily or based on customer milestones. Just a few clicks and the system will handle these emails.

  • Custom URL

    Get a *.smplsystem.com domain name that is all yours, where your system will be located and easily accessible.

  • Contract Template Merge

    Create contracts that can be integrated and merged to an existing record. Output to PDF or HTML and send to client.

  • Twitter/Facebook Integration

    Keep your social media presence in Facebook and Twitter up to date with our Social Media Assistant.

FSB Features

These features are included as part of our FSB package
  • Client Portal

    Secure environment where clients can login to update their information and download personalized files.

  • Invoicing/Transactions

    Issue invoices to customers, process payments, and record transactions. Access transaction history with reports.

Optional Features

These features can be added onto your configuration for a small addition to your subscription fee
  • Website & Editor

    Maintain your website and keep its content up to date with SMPL's tools that facilitate responsive, SEO-optimized websites that look great on virtually any device.

  • Vanity URL

    Want your own custom url for your system? No problem. We can apply your custom domain to your website as well as your system.

  • Automated Email Import

    Set your email inbox to automatically copy relevant communications into your CRM.


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SMPL for Small Business Package

starting at$99.95month
+$149.99 setup
  • SMPL System CRM
  • Customizable Database
  • Unlimited Users
  • Integrated Email
  • Responsive Dashboard
  • eMarketing Suite
  • Custom Form Builder
  • Automated Emails
  • Custom URL
  • Contract Template Merge
  • Invoicing/Transactions
  • Twitter/Facebook Integration
  • Customized Client Portal
  • Customized Dashboard
  • Customized Reports
  • Customized Screens

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